It Works

CrossFit is the most effective fitness program in the world! Yes – we mean that! Here’s why...


Our members are in and out of a CrossFit class in 60 minutes. We warm-up, build strength, learn something new, and then engage in a high intensity workout – all in 60 minutes.

Additionally, our workouts are designed to produce results – they will make you leaner, sexier, stronger, and a better functioning human – all at once!


CrossFit is done in a group setting. This creates both community and competitiveness.

Many of our members have developed and maintain lifelong friendships in the gym. It is an environment where people enjoy being around other people, enjoy seeing each other at the gym, enjoy working out together, and hold each other accountable.

It also causes healthy competitiveness. Humans work harder when they are timed, scored, or competing – that’s why we time, score, and compete in all of our workouts.


CrossFit is fun. The workout changes every day. Variety keeps things fresh and constantly challenges you.

We run, jump rope, lift weights, flip tires, climb rope….anything that we can find to challenge us.

Humans do not stick to things they do not enjoy. Our members enjoy CrossFit – so will you!


Every class has a coach. The coach teaches us how to move properly and challenges us. Ever watch a team practice without a coach? Coaches guide, push, and teach us.