The Introduction Class

Want to see what CrossFit is all about? Try our introduction class for FREE! This 30-minute class will give you an intro to what CrossFit is all about. Fill out a contact form to schedule a time.

The On Ramp Program

Before participating in The Standard Class, you must attend our comprehensive On Ramp program. Here, you will learn the language of Crossfit and get your body ready to handle intense new workouts.

The Standard Class

Each standard class will have three different components to it. Go to the home page to see today's workout!



A dynamic warm up is meant to prepare your body for the physical demands ahead. This means moving the body in patterns that are similar to how they will move in the work out. If you break a sweat in our warm up, props! You did it right.



When people typically think of CrossFit, they think of the “ want to throw up, leave me lying on the floor, breathless” part. While we pride ourselves on the high intensity workouts, if there is not time taken to just focus on building strength, we are missing a very large part of fitness.

During the strength/skill portion, we take time to work on building strength in lifts such as: Deadlifts, squat variations, and press variations. We also take time to work on skills that require more technique such as our olympic lifts and gymnastics movements.



WODS will last anywhere from 4- 40 Min. They are challenging both mentally and physically but maximize results. Not only do see your body change, but you will also find yourself doing things you never thought possible because you are pushing yourself beyond your self-imposed limitations.


CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids is a strength-and-conditioning program that is specially designed for kids. Check out our CrossFit kids page for more info.


Dropping In?

Come on in! Call or email if you prefer, or just stop by! Check out our WOD page to see if there is a coach on staff at the facility.